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Our Lead Generation is NOT right for all businesses.

With a track record of success, the word is out that we can help businesses produce incredible growth!

While we would love to help every business out there with our proprietary lead generation systems. The fact is that we're very selective about who we choose to work with. Our clients must meet a very reasonable set of of criteria before we can move forward. In many cases, we only work with a single company in each city for their given business niche. We believe in providing ethical solutions to our customers and don't create competition between our clients.

We Work With Clients Who Have:

  1. A Healthy and Active Business
  2. Because we are able to generate highly targeted leads for your business, you must be in a position to handle the additional work load that will come from our lead generation. We have found that start ups typically do not have the resources to handle the additional workload that is ultimately placed up on their business from the increase in customer calls and the subsequent workload.

  3. An Existing Customer Base
  4. Having an existing customer base means that you're already promoting your business. You're promoting your business and you're selling your services. You don't need to be a household name, but you do need to have a PRESENCE in your local market.

  5. A Solid Product or Service and a Good Reputation
  6. When we crank up YOUR lead generation machine, we'll be bringing more sales and profits into your business. We must ensure that your new customer will WANT to work with YOU.

So that's it! This is the shortlist of all our requirements for the clients we work with.

If you think your business qualifies and you would like to speak with us about setting up one of our proprietary lead generation machines for your business, we'll be happy to talk with your about your goals. However, you must first complete our discovery form below. This is a requirement before we can schedule an appointment with you.

You don't have to worry, it's a simple questionnaire that provides us with some information about your current business. We simply need to understand your current business, what you're looking to get from your lead machine, and how many additional calls you can handle on a daily basis. Once you complete the form, we'll review your information and work with you to create a custom plan to get new customers calling you that want to purchase your most valuable products and services.

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